Vol. 9 No. 1 (2022): Published articles
Published articles

Reviews or Theoretical Papers

Carley Marshall, Rachel Langevin, Sarah Cabecinha-Alati
Victim-to-Victim Intergenerational Cycles of Child Maltreatment: A Systematic Scoping Review of Theoretical Frameworks
Angela Wei, Marria Khalid, Erik Ge, Jiyeon Kang, Makaśa Looking Horse, Christine Wekerle
Research Reactivity and Distress Protocols for Youth Trauma-related Research: A Scoping Review
Nikki Wong, Katherine Kim, Peri (Pei Rui) Ren, Wai Sun Liu, Sehyun Shannon Oh, Noelle Strickland, Sherry Stewart, Christine Wekerle
Self-Compassion Among Youth with Child Maltreatment Histories and Psychological Distress: A Scoping Review

Brief Reports

Karolina Huartson, Todd Hill, Teresa Killam, Martina Kelly, Nicole Racine
Physician Perspectives on the Implementation of a Trauma Informed Care Initiative in the Maternity Care Setting