Factors associated with resilience in preschoolers reporting sexual abuse: A typological analysis
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Child sexual abuse

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HébertM., LangevinR., & CharestF. (2014). Factors associated with resilience in preschoolers reporting sexual abuse: A typological analysis. International Journal of Child and Adolescent Resilience, 2(1), 46-58. Retrieved from https://ijcar-rirea.ca/index.php/ijcar-rirea/article/view/161


Objectives: The objectives of this study were to explore the diversity of profiles in sexually abused preschoolers and identify possible protective factors associated with individual differences in outcomes. Methods: A sample of 68 sexually abused children (ages 3½ – 6 ½ years old) and a comparison group of 78 children participated in the study. Parents evaluated children’s level of internalizing and externalizing behavior problems with the Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL; Achenbach & Rescorla, 2000; 2001). They also reported on within-child protective factors by completing the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA; LeBuffe & Naglieri, 1999), their resilience capacity (CD-RISC 10; Campbell-Sills & Stein, 2007) and coping strategies (WOC; Folkman & Lazarus, 1988). A two-step cluster analysis was used to identify relevant subgroups of children. Results: A three-cluster solution identified: a) High symptomatology subgroup whose members had clinically elevated scores on internalizing and externalizing behavior problems scales; b) moderate symptomatology group displaying significant externalizing behavior problems when compared to non-abused children, and c) resilient group of children displaying few behavior problems and benefiting from a host of protective factors. Conclusions and Implications: Results underscore the relevance of incorporating screenings for protective factors in addition to behavioral concerns in the assessments of sexually abused preschool-age children. Such an approach is likely to optimize the implementation of interventions for this vulnerable population.

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